Your AI Email Agent

Connect your inbox and let ChatGPT draft answers to all your emails.


Connect your inbox

Gmail and Outlook supported. Apple Mail & Superhuman and most other email clients are supported.

Train the AI

The AI will go through your inbox and learn from all the emails you've sent in the past.

Save hours

When you open your inbox, drafts will already have been written for all your unopened emails. Review, edit (if needed) and send.

Drafts are written while you sleep

Auto Gmail is not a Chrome extension, the AI agent has direct access to your inbox and works around the clock.

Pre-written drafts every time you open your emails

Relevant answers based on your data and past conversations


How does it work?

Tiny Magic.png

2 minute demo

Why you need Auto-Gmail

Super personal customer support that is 10x cheaper

Empower your support team (or yourself) to answer faster and with more empathy.

Works with Superhuman, Crisp, Apple Mail and many more clients

Works with any customer support tool that integrates with Gmail or Outlook.

Draft responses are written automatically, even when you're away

No need to trigger the agent. Auto-Gmail works in the background.



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  • GPT-4
  • Trained on your whole inbox
  • Gmail integration
  • 100 emails answered per day
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